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webhook_url = 'https://forum.unofficed.com/chat/hooks/fff.json'
payload = {
    'text': 'Hello, world!',
    'username' : 'dexter',
    'avatar_url': 'https://forum.unofficed.com/user_avatar/forum.unofficed.com/dexter/120/801_2.png' 
response = requests.post(webhook_url, data=payload)

Now what are the parameters I can give like I have given the key “text”. I added username and avatar_url as a reference from discord. But is there any documentation detailed?


Welcome back! :wave:

If you’re using the webhook, the only available parameter is text.
You define a username/avatar when you create the webhook (admin → plugins → chat).

Incoming webhooks can be used by external systems to post messages into a designated chat channel as a bot user via the /hooks/:key endpoint. The payload consists of a single text parameter, which is limited to 2000 characters.


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