Discourse Chatbot 🤖 (Now smarter than ChatGPT!*)

Yup, that’s fairly cryptic and not very helpful.

Is it generating only one log entry each time, or is there more than one type of log error?

I’ll see if I can improve logging further so we can surface the underlying issue better.

The problem for me is you haven’t given me the definitive steps to reproduce the error on my own instance - everything is working fine for me with vision, both with directly and via_function, so very hard to take this any further at this time.

I’ll try to add additional logging to that flow - at the moment some errors are bubbling up to the same place which makes it harder to track down.

You are more than welcome to create a dev instance and have a go at diagnosing.

Hello, my problem is that I am using a chatbot openai model custom url from a different provider, could this be caused by this? When the first gpt-4o support came, it worked fine, then it didn’t work.

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Very possibly!

Do they provide any logging?

Maybe they don’t support vision calls?

Does the problem go away when you use direct Open AI calls?

(you really should have stated this on your initial report btw! :sweat_smile: )

You are right, this should have been stated in the first message. The problem disappears with direct openai calls. They support vision api.

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So I would enquire if your proxy supports vision calls with that model.