Discourse comments are not reflected on Wordpress blog

I just installed the wp-discourse plugin.

I followed the instructions on both my forum and blog.

I was able to create a new topic in the forum from the Wordpress blog:
So the plugin talks with the forum.
But then when I made a test comment in the topic in the forum, there was no reflection of that on the blog. For example, it still says “Start a conversation at…”

Blog: https://gofishcarolinas.com/the-daiwa-bg-series-is-the-best/
Forum: http://forum.gofishcarolinas.com/t/the-best-value-reels-on-the-market/79

What I’m looking to see is the Forum comments, like at this example:

What might I be doing wrong?

Also, if this is relevant, I’m using the Divi theme from Elegant themes. It’s a bit non-standard, but it should work, I think.

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It looks like you have the Discourse embed code on your WordPress site. That code isn’t used with the WP Discourse plugin. Try removing that code from your post and removing the Embed Host from Discourse.

With the WP Discourse plugin you won’t need to do any configuration on the Discourse end. On WordPress, in the WP Discourse options Commenting tab, make sure you have the Use Discourse Comments checkbox selected. It needs to be selected so that comments will show up on your site.

Unless you enable a Webhook from Discourse to WordPress, comments are cached for 10 minutes, so you may see a delay from the time a comment is created until it appears on your WordPress site.

The plugin should work with the Divi theme. You may run into an issue if you are publishing posts that contain shortcodes. The easiest way to get around that is to just publish an excerpt of the post.

For detailed setup instructions, check out this topic: WP Discourse plugin installation and setup. Let me know if you’re having any trouble getting it setup.


Hey. Thanks a lot for the quick response. That did the trick. I got rid of the embed code and the embed Admin settings. I was trying the embed code to see if it even worked. It would be nice to Embed some Discourse stuff also inside the posts sometimes (like referring to a comment). That seems like it would cause a conflict, however. So I’ll avoid that for now.
Thank you!