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I have installed Discourse WP plugin to my WordPress installation, set up the api keys successfully I’m still not seeing discourse comments on my wordpress site I just set up today even though it says its connected, am I missing something?

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Make sure that on the plugin’s Commenting options tab you have selected the Use Discourse Comments option.


I do, it just displays the classic WordPress commenting, sorry im not familiar with wordpress


Can you link to your site? Might make this quicker. :slight_smile:



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Have you published that post to Discourse?


That post isn’t in Discourse. What happens when you create a new post?


No, I didn’t think I was required too, I’m hosted with discoursehosting


The comments that will end up displaying on the post are directly from the discussion on Discourse. It doesn’t matter where you’re hosted.

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You need to publish a post from WordPress to Discourse by selecting the Publish post to Discourse checkbox on the post edit screen before Discourse comments are enabled for the post.


Works, thanks for your help

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