Discourse community development statistics?

I know all of y’all at CDCK are amazing. But amazing as any company is, one important metric for any open source project[1] is involvement beyond one commercial entity. Are there core contributors to Discourse who do not work for the company? Are there regular, significant other patches and contributions?[2]

  1. I think about this a lot, in my job! ↩︎

  2. I know my own “contributions” usually come in the form of complaints, which is … something, at least, right? :slight_smile: Sorry! ↩︎


The obvious candidates are those on this page:

Note, you should probably include leading Plugins/Theme Components as well as Core.


There is a list of contributors in the blog post aboit the release of a new version


This topic can be of some help too:

And the badge page as well, since there are specific badges for very active users in various fields which are given for achievements such as creating plugins, themes, doing pull requests, etc, as well as manually given badges related to excellent free support from regular users.

Clicking a badge displays the list of users owning this badge.