Discourse Gives Back 2017

(Jeff Atwood) #1

Originally published at: Discourse Gives Back 2017

We’ve had a fantastic year at Discourse, growing our team to 20 21 people. (There’s also something exciting and major happening early in 2018 that we’ve worked hard on for the last six months that we can’t quite announce yet. But trust me when I say we are very excited!) Starting from our initial prototype…

(AstonJ) #2

Congratulations and well done!! :+1:

As a forum admin for over 10 years - Discourse is by far my favourite forum platform now, and I love seeing it go from strength to strength and seeing the platform and team evolve and grow.

I look forward to hearing your major announcement for 2018 and wish you all the best!

Thank you and well done for all those initiatives!!


cant like this enough!!!

im so grateful for the team and the product… it’s a huge part of what i do now and my professional future! in short… it couldn’t have been possible without discourse!

you (the discourse team) are changing lives! this isnt hyperbole… this is fact.

(Senthil Kumaran) #4

Congratulations and well done discourse team. That is 55K in donations for the Open Source software alone.
The diversity in the selection of organizations to support is great.

(Seth Godin) #6

Bravo! We love Discourse and the team

go go go

(Aaron Smulktis) #7

WOooOoo!!! :metal:

What an amazing example of the power and positivity of open-source. Richard Stallman must be one happy camper.
Thank you for your excellent work, and your commitment to growth…

(James Mc Mahon) #8

How did I not see this until now!? This. Is Awesome! :facepunch:
Bravo @codinghorror and team.

(Hélène Martin) #9

This is so inspiring! Congrats and thank you for setting a great example!

(Dave McClure) #10

Am I the only one holding their breath?

(Matt Palmer) #11

Nope, the entire Discourse team is turning blue.


Great corporate responsibility guys!

:calendar: :thinking: :sweat_smile: