Discourse's Fourth Birthday

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As of today*, it’s been four years of Discourse! It feels like only only yesterday that we launched Discourse as an open source project. We’ve certainly been busy for the last four years: 1 official non-beta release of Discourse 7 total releases of Discourse, currently on 1.8 beta ~600 hosted customers ~8000 public installations of…


Time to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the developers and contributors. I really appreciate your work and am very grateful for it.

Well done!


There is nothing like Discourse.
Impossible to compare with “the forum/board” or “the community” or “the bulletin” that crosses your mind.

I am very very very happy to have encouraged myself to make the leap and move forward.
Here it is always forward (as Luke Cage says). :wink: :thumbsup:

Thank you very much to the team, and to the whole community.
The support and “customer service” here are simply exceptional.

Regards from Argentine :allthethings:


One thing I should have added, but neglected to, is that @falco and @blake were hired from the community here on meta!

We love hiring from our community, and nothing makes me happier than converting avid Discourse community members into real live team members so they can work on something they :heart: alongside us, all day, every day.


@codinghorror to be honest it’s a great open source app to use for forums. I’aven’t seen in my carrier. I become a fan of this open source from the last few months. But still didn’t tried it. You guys are done a great job for all world forum community fiverr.com is also using the discourse for their forum :heart_eyes: :smiley:


Thanks to all Developers. Amazing Open source project I have known after Blender3D. Best of luck for future endeavours. :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday to Discourse, well done to the team behind it and all the contributors. Here’s to your next 4 and beyond :champagne:


Congratulations and Happy Birthday. I was skeptical of forums and preferred mailing lists for many years, but Discourse demonstrated that the problem was with how the forums were done, not the concept itself. Discourse is clearly a far better solution and has dramatically improved the community surrounding Keyboard Maestro. Fantastic results, so thank you to you and all your team for all the hard work!


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This solves so many problems out of the box. And the support has been great. Happy anniversary! :ring: :smile:


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