Discourse connect avatar_url isn't working

Hi. Have faced issue with avatar update through discourse-connect.
In sso payload is avarat_force_update = true and avatar_url = https://files.ekool.eu/ekool/202311/3011/00/-m-ae103b0bac1fa5fc3cb65217a0183ba7b2633edae6d4a4d3049a6245d4b49e46533c45dc7d0603fa1a02a9ee62f5a4afd3d945615a8f44ba3609cade095b5e5b.jpg

Discourse UI sso payload

Discourse-connect overwrites avatar setting is enabled

But avatar isn’t updated to provided url. Instead it is changed for something like placeholder

Also no any logs/errors regarding avatar in server and verbose discourse-connect logs

Hello and welcome @Viktors_Vradijs :slight_smile:

I think I saw a similar thing in this topic recently. With the change to the uploaded avatars allowed groups setting, you may need to make sure that your trust level groups have their visibility set to Everyone, Logged on users or Group owners, members and moderators.

If you could try that along with a log out/login and see that helps?

Thanks for answer!
Sadly but it isn’t the case. All trust level groups have logged on users visibility.

Currently we are on version 3.1.4

Hmmm. :thinking: What do you have in your uploaded avatars allowed groups setting? Sometimes people pop ‘everyone’ in and I think that can cause issues. Changing it to ‘trust level 0’ instead can help.

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Allow uploaded avatars is set to 0: new user

Oh yes, 3.1.4 won’t have that new version of the setting in. You could try updating to 3.2 now that it’s been released - 3.2.0: Major Release

Just to check, did it use to work and then stopped, or are you setting it up for the first time now?

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It wasn’t working from start. But will update version and see if something changes

Finally managed to update Discourse version to latest (3.2.1).
uploaded avatars allowed groups setting is set to trust level 0 but issues still there (tried also to add everyone, but nothing changed)

@JammyDodger is there any way to fix the avatar issue?