Discourse enterprise customer

I am plan to buy discourse product as an enterprise customer, They provide sourcecode or only dashboard
If they provide only dashboard means? How to handle HTML, CSS, Javascript all kind of stuffs.
How can i modified the interface?

Could you please any one help above queries

If You want source code, it is available here:

As an enterprise customer, all of Your hosting and a majority of configuration will be managed by highly talented engineers at CDCK. If You need to make any visual changes to Discourse, those can be easily done though Themes & Plugins.

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Thanks for you replay @itsbhanusharma, Is it possible to change the replies view to make it look like threads?

No, that’s not possible by default. You may have to look at some other solution.


Even with a custom CSS?

I have quickly inspected the DOM and the replies are easily to pick.

You can do whatever you like when you mention ‘custom’ … It’s not a ‘flip the switch’ kind of solution so it’s not in the core but when you’re developing a custom solution, it isn’t stock anymore.

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