Discourse doesn't generate previews for link embeds

I’m updating my Discourse forum from 2.6.0.beta4 to 2.9.0.beta4 and I’ve noticed that when I’m trying to create a topic it doesn’t generate embeds for specific links in the new version (works in the old version) :point_down:



I’m pasting the same link in both versions :point_up_2:

How can I fix this? I did a clean install and I’m testing the new version. Neither installation has plugins, so it is not the case of a missing plugin.

The first one doesn’t seem to have created a onebox either? It should look a little like this:

I think you would need the site you’re linking to include the relevant oEmbed/OpenGraph tags for it to function properly.

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This isn’t a discourse bug.
The site you’ve mentioned does not have the relevant oEmbed Tags so a preview can not be generated unless the said website actually starts supplying the necessary links.


in the meantime, I’ve moved this topic to #support

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