Policy notice: no basic HTML / CSS questions please

We do enjoy helping people with their free, open source Discourse instances, and that is indeed part of our responsibility to the open source community. :hugs:


  • Over time, there has been a constant influx of basic HTML and CSS questions that are taking time away from us helping with more substantive issues specific to Discourse.

  • It’s not a productive use of our time to teach basic HTML and CSS. There are thousands of online resources that describe how to make changes on an HTML page with a few CSS rules. We would much rather spend that time troubleshooting Discourse and improving Discourse for you.

  • Furthermore, these topics tend to be very specific to the particular needs of particular sites and not very generalizable or helpful to future visitors who might stumble upon that topic.

So from this point on, we will be closing any questions about rudimentary HTML and CSS changes, instead pointing them to a general Discourse topic that describes how to use the F12 key in your browser to find HTML targets, and how to add basic CSS lines to your site customization, with a few examples, and maybe links to public HTML and CSS tutorials elsewhere on the web.

These questions will also be marked for auto-deletion after 24 hours.

(Note that if you are a Discourse hosted customer, we are much more open to assisting with these kinds of tasks, within the time constraints of your particular hosting plan.)

Thank you for your understanding. :discourse: