Discourse Event time tags disappear sometimes + event box trouble

There is a conference happening right now and we have several topics using the Discourse Event features – see CEE Meeting - Movement Strategy Forum.

The relative time tags added to the topic titles are great! But they are a bit unreliable. Most of the times they appear, but not always. I think editing the post randomly helps trigger something, but posts that had the tag can lose it later, even if the event box is there and the event appears in the calendar. Any ideas about what might be causing this problem?


Possible causes:

  • Setting start date/time only, no end date/time.
  • Editing the first post
  • Editing the event
  • Combination with Wiki post / Shared Edits too fragile?

In fact, somehow I managed to get the source text and the event box out of sync, no matter how hard I try to edit the event, the post, or I rebuild HTML. Now the event box information is wrong even when the source text is correct.


Another post missing a time tag in the title, where the event box and the source text are out of sync and Rebuild HTML does not fix the problem. In this case, there is no Wiki / Shared Edit post involved…

Clicking the three dots and Edit event shows the (wrong) data shown in the event box, not the (correct) data in the source text:


Just making sure, by relative time tags you mean the one on the topic list item right?

Regarding the event data issue, I think it probably has to do with the timezone. Can you open the js console on the browser and type moment.tz.guess() and let me know the result?

Yes! Sorry, couldn’t find a better name for it. :slight_smile:

I’ll check the console next time I see this problem.

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There is an upcoming conference and event topics are being created here. Right now, there are 4 events all set to timezone “Asia/Dubai”, and of them…

  • One and two don’t have the relative time tag.
  • Of these two, one doesn’t doesn’t appear in the calendar.