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Thanks for clarifications, I see the concern, but definitely out of scope for now, at least as far as this plugin is concerned.


For recurring events, such as daily or weekly meetings, this could be nice and create less “topic clutter”. In other words, one topic for the meeting series, and a separate event/post for each instance that may have a unique topic/theme.

Right now we are doing this by creating a new topic for each week, e.g., “Staff Meeting 2020 W-15”, but I could imagine it’d be much cleaner if we we just had a general running “staff meeting” topic that people could respond to with meeting notes or agendas for the latest meeting. Having everything in one neat topic is especially valuable when one meeting builds on the content from the previous meeting.

Thanks for the input.

We might revisit this at some point and it’s designed to be possible. But while we get the basics right, we will 100% focus on one event per topic.


This is a very exciting discussion. Thanks, @angus!

I really like the separate event title and hope it remains part of this feature. In my experience, you want to see a tightly written title for the event that shows in the calendar but a more engaging title for the topic that might even evolve through the lifecycle of an event. (e.g. “2020 Legal Empowerment Course” and “Register now for the worlds premiere leadership course taking place in December!”)


We run an events agency and would love this feature and are happy to trial it!



great Plugin! I wanted to give some ideas/ feedback:

  • Currently the plugin is only in english. How could I contribute to translate it in german for example?
  • The /upcoming-events Route is currently a bit overcrowded. A nice way to give a better overview would be to color the events like the category color.
  • Potential Bug: I added a public event in our internal category. If I click on Going nothing happens.
  • Potential Bug: If I add an event to a already posted event (1st post) the event does not get rendered (only in the preview). I takes some time and reloads to be visible.
  • Like already mentioned a Agenda Feature would be great.

Thank you!


I have checked on The android app and “discourse event” doesn’t appears on the mobile interface.

Screenshot please? Are you creating a new topic?

I am able to see it.


Looks like same issue. I’m on mobile now and away from my pc. Both incognito and signed out of discourse display the same page.

ok this should be fixed


This will now display an error in the preview:


That’s really cool. Nice work.


You are correct. Confirmed fix.


Not sure if bug or not, but in the testing I did with @downey’s event markdown above I appear to have invited some people to an event in a category they do not have access to. I also got invited to my own event. However, the notification was not sent out by email which is a bit lucky.

How it happened: I changed allowedGroups to add a comma separated list of existing groups on my site, to see if the time zones displayed changes (now know it doesn’t). I promptly received an invite notification to my own event when I saved the topic. When I checked the notifications of another user who does not have access to the category, they got the same invite notification.

I did not expect notifications to be sent out to those folks who do not have access to the category the event is posted in. I also did not expect to get a notification myself.

This is a very clever bit of functionality! I can see this will be very useful for the global legal empowerment network who organize events all the time and also make active use of discourse groups.


Yes indeed I didn’t scope notifications to listable topics, I guess I should, will look at this :+1:


Great addition to the Calendar plugin, guys! It will really empower some great stuff with us - I look forward to seeing it develop / refine further.

May I suggest a tweak for the Export event feature?

  1. At the mo, you get a zipped CSV as per the User Export.
    • is a zip really necessary? It adds an annoying step to get at the file, and the csv will usually be pretty small. Maybe only zip if over 1000 users?

Also, events aren’t very obvious on the Category view on mobile.

Keep up the great work!


Hi, thanks, yes I think we will keep it that way, mostly because it allows me to reuse what Discourse is doing natively. Also really opening a zip is very trivial, so I wouldn’t qualify this as “an annoying step”, I don’t see this as an action you do often too. Might see how it evolves in the future, but no plan to change this ATM.


Understandable, fits in the ‘tweaks later’ category, eh?

I’ve got another request, regarding /calendar this time:

  1. it would be great (and logical) to be able to access it from `/upcoming-events’
  2. displaying the dates (as per other topic lists) would be helpful
  3. sorting by date would also be helpful, as would a calendar view
  4. or maybe just make this a calendar view - would make intuitive sense

Also, I note that the markdown gets inserted wherever the cursor is; this can mangle up sometimes in a way that my users will freak over (eg mid sentance). What do you think about inserting the markdown at the beginning of the composer? That is the most intuitive place for the newbies, and advanced users can move it where they wish anyway.

And a third! In email notifications about events, the time is displayed in UTC. This is a bit of a disaster really; it does not look very professional! We are in NZ (UTC +12) so this is 12 hours out - must be worse for you lot in the US or Aus though!


So far everything works fine :partying_face:
Would it be possible to assign the color of the (sub)category of an event’s topic as its background in the upcoming events calendar ?

…just saw Sven’s post:

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The «Create event» button doesn’t appear in my toolbar popup menu:

I have the latest version:

It’s installed and enabled:

This is the only non-default setting:

This works:


Am I missing something? Is there something else I could try?