Feature request: Poll with ability for user to add their own options

Hi guys,

We use Discourse over at zenAud.io community and I really want to make a poll that allows users to add their own option to vote for like Facebook does:

Could this be an option for a future update?

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Seems like a Good idea but how are we supposed to handle trolls? what if someone just ads random option that is irrelevant to discussion and everyone else just starts trolling by selecting that?

Or maybe everyone ads their own opinion and votes for it! No clear majority.

My recommendation:

  1. Create a topic soliciting vote-able “items” for a future poll

  2. Gather feedback in the topic replies for a period of time

  3. After gathering feedback, then create the poll using the most popular items (you can count likes on the posts to determine this)

Allowing anyone to add a new option to a poll at any time is a recipe for chaos.


Another approach to this that may work for you would be the existing voting plugin: