🗓 Discourse Event

Yes you have two settings to enable as stated in first post.


My bad, I confused “Discourse Event” with the Events plugin, which I also had enabled.

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No worries, it’s kinda confusing ATM for sure, but didn’t want to break existing calendars until I have something more stable and good way forward.


No problem at all. I’m very excited for this feature :+1:

One thing I don’t quite understand is how this will work with [calendar]newline[/calendar]. If I add [calendar]newline[/calendar] in the same post, the calendar doesn’t show the event:

If I add the calendar to the category, I get the same result (blank calendar). Also, I’ve never understood why I need to add a postId here (which post?):

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Same reason, for now this is kinda separated, events will be shown at /upcoming-events for now, there are plans to maybe merge the behaviors at some point.

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About the export of an event, it works fine for an admin but doesn’t for the creator of the event, am I missing something, TL related maybe?

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Got it. Sorry for asking. I should have read the first post more carefully.

My request list for now would be:

  • Allow List view in the calendar (not only monthly) so times can be seen as well as dates (maybe also show start date in calendar view)
  • Add an option to set the default date format (like “LLLL” or “LT”, etc.). There is too much info currently:

I’m also excited about being able to clone events and create recurring events, which I see is on the roadmap :+1:


I had a 422 response :
errors [ “Les messages peuvent être téléchargés une fois par jour, veuillez ressayer demain.” ]
which is csv_export.rate_limit_error

so I kept looking, and i finally saw that plugin.rb has changed 6h ago…

many thanks :smiley:


Yes merged it yesterday, was planning to communicate today, that should fix it indeed.


Hi, where i can see demo for this plugin?

Thank you!

Joffrey, again great work on this plugin.

Have you considered enabling events within PMs? This might create a viewing permissions nightmare in the calendar, but it might be easy.

My use-case is for setting up meetings for a small number of people, either individuals or a group that doesn’t have its own category.


Have you tried it in the OP of a PM?


Yes. Here in Meta:

And in my forum:

However, I’ve discovered that it will work if I make a Topic with an event and then convert the Topic to a PM. It appears in the calendar and the option to Create event appears.

It seems what we actually have is a bug - the Create event button does not appear in the OP of a PM unless it is converted from a Topic.


Yes I think this is just the issue, it doesn’t show the create event button in some cases :+1:

Will fix this, but yes it’s supposed to work in PMs, and also show only for allowed people in /upcoming-events


Thanks for all the work on the plugin so far!

Would you be open to a PR that adds a location field? This is useful for providing a link to a video call, for example.


Maybe :nerd_face:

I would want a mockup please first, of both the resulting UI and how you would fill it / update it.


This is my simple proposal (left: create/update; right: display):


wouldnt have enough space on mobile

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My create/update is the same, though I would have the below as a display:

Obviously, the icon is wrong, I’d suggest fa-map-marker-alt