🗓 Discourse Event

Yes you have two settings to enable as stated in first post.


My bad, I confused “Discourse Event” with the Events plugin, which I also had enabled.

No worries, it’s kinda confusing ATM for sure, but didn’t want to break existing calendars until I have something more stable and good way forward.


No problem at all. I’m very excited for this feature :+1:

One thing I don’t quite understand is how this will work with [calendar]newline[/calendar]. If I add [calendar]newline[/calendar] in the same post, the calendar doesn’t show the event:

If I add the calendar to the category, I get the same result (blank calendar). Also, I’ve never understood why I need to add a postId here (which post?):

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Same reason, for now this is kinda separated, events will be shown at /upcoming-events for now, there are plans to maybe merge the behaviors at some point.

About the export of an event, it works fine for an admin but doesn’t for the creator of the event, am I missing something, TL related maybe?

Got it. Sorry for asking. I should have read the first post more carefully.

My request list for now would be:

  • Allow List view in the calendar (not only monthly) so times can be seen as well as dates (maybe also show start date in calendar view)
  • Add an option to set the default date format (like “LLLL” or “LT”, etc.). There is too much info currently:

I’m also excited about being able to clone events and create recurring events, which I see is on the roadmap :+1:


I had a 422 response :
errors [ “Les messages peuvent être téléchargés une fois par jour, veuillez ressayer demain.” ]
which is csv_export.rate_limit_error

so I kept looking, and i finally saw that plugin.rb has changed 6h ago…

many thanks :smiley:


Yes merged it yesterday, was planning to communicate today, that should fix it indeed.