Discourse Feature Questions

I had a couple questions about Discourse features, to see if they are possible…

  • Is it possible to have a limited timeframe that users can comment on each thread created in Discourse?
    For example, if we create a post, people have only one week to comment on it – or if it goes without a comment for a month or so, it will be locked automatically?

  • Is it possible to have long comments shown in a teaser mode, so they don’t stretch the page – but the full comment can be viewed by clicking on it?

  • Is it possible to show no preview of the Discourse comments on an article, but instead, show a link to the comment thread?

Yes both scenarios are supported via timed close on a topic.

No, but we have considered this for very long posts, it is not a major concern because VLPs are quite rare in the wild.

Do you mean via embedding Discourse on, say, a blog? Yes that is possible. Discourse embedding is read only though, which is very compatible with this particular case.


Thank you! I did want to ask more about the third question – we have embedded a preview in our current article/blog setup, so a read-only preview of the first few posts shows up at the bottom of each article/blog post. The preview features a button that takes you to the thread directly.

Do you know if it would be too complicated to remove the comments from the embed code, and just have the direct link to the comment thread embedded?