Discourse for Maker Communities

Originally published at: Discourse for Maker Communities

There is a thing called the “maker movement” and, well, it’s awesome. People are setting up shop in their basements, backyards or dedicated makerspaces to create things together. Makers openly exchanging their ideas and designs with one another in the pursuit of better solutions to problems that need solving. That problem can be anything from…


The Vancouver Hackspace in Vancouver, BC, Canada also uses Discourse at https://talk.vanhack.ca/. At first primarily as a replacement for the mailing lists, but now everyone is settling into using “Talk” quite nicely. We also have integration from our announcements/events category into Slack.


Pololu Robotics and Electronics is also happily using Discourse. We switched from phpBB and have been quite happy with the change! We wrote about the upgrade experience on our blog.


Noisebridge Hackerspace in San Francisco uses Discourse at https://discuss.noisebridge.info

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