Discourse for Science and Academia

Originally published at: Discourse for Science and Academia

A sizable number of Science and Research communities rely on Discourse for their discussion needs; let’s take a deeper look and figure out why. We’ve spoken to an assortment of customers and self-hosted sites to learn more about their use cases and determine the role of Discourse in the success of these remarkable communities. How…


Nice to see Discourse used in this field :smiley:

This has been suggested many times and has lots of different uses, one of the most universal is for a ‘Contact a Mod’ section, where uses can easily contact a moderator and whichever mod is online at the time can deal with it.

This would be ok if these showed on the ‘latest’ list like normal topics, but ideal a normal category would be best.

I’d love to see a more customisable experience for users too, perhaps more so as a tags based system - where people select which tags they want to follow and only topics from those show in their latest list. This would be useful (perhaps even needed) for the largest of forums.