Discourse for Online Education Communities

Originally published at: Discourse for Online Education Communities

Just like our survey for game communities back in May, we once more sent out a survey to a mix of customers and self-supported Discourse communities. This time we wanted feedback from leaders in online education. We’re absolutely ecstatic about the amount of learning tools readily available online for young and old minds alike today.…


We’re self-hosting too - forum.easyuni.com - a site in Asia for students to search, compare and “apply” to universities locally or abroad.

For the past several months we’ve been working on integrating Discourse more closely with our site (and a new version of the site).

Here’s how we use Discourse:

  • 1st level categories are countries (study destinations)
  • 2nd level are colleges in those countries

Every college published on the site would get it’s own category in Discourse. Then, on a college profile page we display the latest topics from its category in Discourse.

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