Discourse for Teams is here!

We don’t have a Slack migration tool, but we do have the Chatroom Integration Plugin (discourse-chat-integration). A team wouldn’t have to fully migrate off of Slack to start with. We use chat here at Discourse and tend to think of it as short-term, ephemeral conversation, where anything long-term or permanent goes to Discourse.


How do you envision such tool?

Creating a category and group in Discourse for each Slack channel?


That’s a very good question.

So then:

  • Public channels will need to be created as public topics under a category called Slack import

  • Private channels as private topics under same category or maybe another slack private category.

The “members” of each channel would need to either be mapped or created somehow. That’s probably best done by email address for example.

There is meta data for each channel that can be reused.

  • pinned conversations should be prioritized somehow not sure how

  • The issue is really the noisy thread/threadless chaos that happens in slack channels. Maybe just simply convert each post into a message and then threads become threads. Let admin clean up afterward?

Just a few ideas and concept.

The issue I have with slack is that the discourse degrades very quickly. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact it is all private. If people know that some content could be converted to a public forum they would behave.


Or at least what is interesting is that threads could be converted and managed better. They could even be converted to permanent Knowledge. Slack is an absolute mess. But it works because it is fast, mobile and very much chat oriented so people know it.


Channels in Slack are more akin to Discourse categories. And each Slack thread/conversation would become a topic in the category equivalent to the channel it would be if it was in Slack.

Importing public channels into public categories, and private channels into private categories + groups is all fine in my book.

But importing the conversation content is another story. I would recommend starting anew in Discourse, as chat messages are short and ephemeral, while conversation in Discourse is longer and structured in paragraphs.


I don’t necessarily agree. I started writing it your way but the more I thought about it, a Slack channel is really a topic not a category in my mind. That’s just me. In fact some people may want to do it your way. It depends doesn’t it? Probably should provide an option.

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Feel free to spin up a Discourse for Teams trial and enable the slack integration, then see what you can do to save transcripts of valuable conversations in discourse. Transcripts are all saved in a single post.

You can create an invite link and post it to your slack to ease the transition. Ideally you’d then set a deadline for new conversations to start happening on Teams and close the channels on slack except for ephemeral contact, as Rafael and Justin are saying.

Note there is nothing public in Teams - if you need public discussions you will want to look at Discourse, not Discourse for Teams. There are also other differences. See Comparing Discourse for Teams with Discourse.


That’s a clever way to move people on free level of Slack over to Discourse for Teams! Archive slack conversations and fall in love with Discourse for Teams. Well done.


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Is there a way to migrate from Microsoft Teams?


Hi Nahled! I don’t believe there is a script for migrating from Microsoft Teams, but of course it’s quite possible to plan a move from Microsoft Teams to Discourse for Teams or to use them side by side. It’s not uncommon for folks to use Discourse for Teams alongside other tools.

Feel free to reach out to us directly at support@teams.discourse.com and we can talk more about your specific use case.


Thank you for the answer!


Hey Tobias, are there any migration tools for Google Currents (formerly known as Google+ for G Suite)? Our enterprise users use it very frequently, and it is very important to us.

I have heard good things about migrating ancient Yahoo Groups (which I just learned is shutting down) and ancient Google Groups to Discourse for Teams. I don’t know if you previously had migration tools before Google+ shut its doors to consumers in early 2019, or even after that when enterprise users still had access to the G suite version before they were then migrated to the nearly identical Google Currents (just a renamed version of Google+ for G Suite). G Suite was changed into Google Workspace recently, and we are finally fed up with Google, which is why we want to migrate all of our Google data from Google Currents to Discourse for Teams.

For comparisons sake, here are the links.

I hope that you can find a solution for us. :blush:


Hi Opetron! Welcome. It’s great to hear you are considering Discourse for Teams. Please drop us an email to support@teams.discourse.com so we can talk more about your use case, and what we can do for you.


Thank you for the quick reply! I will definitely drop you an email.


Okay, so we were tempted to move towards Slack, but Salesforce decided to come along and acquire them for $27.7 billion, so that’s off the table. Discourse for Teams it is! :grinning:


Just curious, what about the acquisition impacted the decision for you?


Do you think Slack will be changed dramatically by Selesforce?


Yes, which is why Discourse for Teams is seeming more appealing.


Out of curiosity, is Discourse for Teams ideal for schools and such (especially if they’re hybrid or not remote at all)?