Discourse for town or neighborhood discussions?

I’m curious if there are examples of Discourse being used for neighborhood or town discussions? We are currently served by a venerable email list founded 22 years ago and also by about a hundred competing and overlapping FB groups. Oh yeah, and “NextDoor” also. I think Discourse might work nicely but I’d love to see it in action for that type of application.


There are at least two that I’m aware of:

  1. @ChrisBeach have se26.life

  2. @Bathinda have bathindahelper.com

Both of these are aimed at neighborhood and locality level discussions.


Thanks for the mention. https://se23.life is my main neighbourhood forum.


@ChrisBeach, I checked out your forum. Looks greats! I’d love to get one started for my town, but I’m already having a hard time squeezing 40 hours into a 24 day. I had already purchased a few domain names a few years ago on a hosting package, so at least I have a small start. :slightly_smiling_face: