Discourse friendly CRM?

My org is community oriented and relies heavily on Discourse. But we also have marketing, business development, and customer service teams who benefit from having a CRM. Are there any CRMs that work particularly well with Discourse? If playing nice with Discourse were the top priority in choosing a CRM, what would you pick?


If you don’t need your CRM to be sales-centric, I think Orbit is hands down the best CRM coupling for Discourse. Its Orbit Model shares many similarities with Discourse’s trust levels.


Thanks! Do you use Orbit as your CRM or in conjunction with another CRM like Pipedrive?

Maybe fibery.io has much less integration abilities and is not a CRM but I have to mention this interesting startup :slight_smile: . All-in-one solution in other words. Honestly, it is really hard to implement this solution in business but nice challenge to make processes smooth.