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I have a problem with this change, my forum is for people who speak Spanish I liked that the provider was Tenor, it has a lot of content in that language, I personally don’t like this change to giphy for that reason, sadly my users didn’t like it, so I don’t know if there is a way that in my forum we can go back to the old way, where the gifs were from Tenor? :pray:


Here you go (I think :sweat_smile:):
GitHub - discourse/discourse-gifs at tenor


Thank you :heart: but is giphy version :frowning:

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that’s weird… latest commit of this branch is way before the giphy changes :thinking:
I checked, it’s tenor:

during the install, you have to click on advanced, use the usual link and tenor is the name of the branch


Thank you so much :heart: I already made it, I downloaded the zip file and installed it that way.

happy good news GIF


That is a really interesting feedback @PaulinaMX.

I see that Giphy allows me to specify a locale to cater to regional content, I wonder if that may help you :thinking:.

You can update to latest and there is a new setting to set the locale on search. I definitely see different results when using the Portuguese locale from using the English one.

If that doesn’t solve your problems, you may need to use the old tenor branch. Instruction are here: Discourse Gifs component - #98 by Falco. Just use tenor for the branch name.

That said, I have no plans on keeping Tenor working with future Discourse updates, and it’s really weird with iOS devices that struggle with media elements on Safari.

Maybe if Tenor adds support for WEBP someday I may consider offering both in this component.


Thank you so much, I already fix it. :heart:


That would be great! :heart:


This theme component is great - quick question - is there any way to center the gif horizontally after its been posted?


EDIT: using the BBCode works fine [center] <div for gif></div> [/center]


I switched over to the Giphy version but I’m still getting a lot of people on iOS for whom this just plain doesn’t work. The .webp thing doesn’t work at all, and is not supported as far as I know, so we’ve just switched for whom it isn’t working.


I have the same issue as well.
Device: Mac
(I can see the Tenor gifs, but the Giphy gifs just show up like this:)

Regular gifs show up just fine, but gifs pulled from this component aren’t working for a pretty big portion. According to my tech volunteers, it has to do with the codecs not working for .webp on iOS. I don’t see any of this on android, Chrome, nor Windows, it’s only Mac/iPhone users reporting.

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It will work on iOS devices running latest version. Also MacOS Safari devices running latest MacOS version.


If someone wants to fork this to use plain old GIFs instead of the WEBP format that should be doable. It’s a trade-of between compatibility with old devices and large file sizes. I may be able to add it as a theme setting, but it will take me a few days.


Hey @Heather_Dudley,

I added a new site setting to allow you to force the component to use the GIF format instead of webp.

Just be aware that it uses more than double the disk space / network bandwidth while having less quality.

This gif here:

GIF: 3.5MB

Detective Pikachu Reaction GIF

MP4: 1MB

For everyone else I added autofocus on the search modal!