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Hey @Falco

is there any way to limit it to users with a specific trust level?


Limit the button in the composer visibility to some trust levels? Not at the moment but it should be a relatively simple change if you want to work on it.


Would it be too difficult to support Tenor for the gif format as default, and optionally Giphy for webp?

Love this TC, but want to avoid Facebook as much as possible. :frowning:


Limiting per trust level would be nice. Otherwise gifs only adds low level noise, but perhaps those who knows meaning of forum, aka. higher trust levels, may use gifs as should. Maybe.


If that is something you are keen working on, I’d accept it as a pull request.


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Running into an issue with this - not sure source of problem:

No button in native app. Is there some cache that needs clearing? Some users say the button is there, others not.

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By native you mean the PWA or the DiscourseHub app from the Google Play Store?

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The play store app, afaik.

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So those users are in the ‘Desktop View’ in Discourse. They can click on the hamburguer menu and select ‘Mobile View’ in the last option there.


Hey y’all, thanks to sponsorship by @PaulinaMX :heart:, and PR review by @pmusaraj & @Falco :pray: Discourse Gifs component now has the choice of Provider between Giphy and now Tenor :tada:

There are several new settings that relate to Tenor, not least a separate API key!

As ever get that key at the official Tenor site: GIF API - Better, Faster & Free | Get Your GIFs with Tenor

NB due to the necessity to keep this compatible with existing installs, one of the settings names is slightly misleading: giphy locale is the locale used for either provider!


On the contrary, @merefield thank you very much for your help, now we are happy in my forum to be able to use Tenor gifs in a lighter format.


I was super excited to see this, as I’ve been hesitant to add Facebook gifs (giphy) into my forums, not knowing what type of tracking they can achieve…and then I looked up Tenor and realized it’s owned by Google :man_facepalming:

Regardless, I’m grateful that you all added a non-FB option. Thank you!


One of the great advantages of Tenor is that you can upload your own gifs to your channel to insert them in the forum without having a verified account such as Giphy, we now have our channel with Tenor, we upload our gifs there and insert them into our forum.

Happy So Excited GIF


Is there a way to populate the gif listing section pre-search with some of gifs? Something like What’sApp or Telegram is doing by showcasing some popular gifs prior to searching for a keyword. Seems kind of empty now when users press on the GIF button. Just a though.


Question: Have you already installed the component and acquired your api key with Telnor?



It is very important that when you save your gifs on your Tenor channel, you must add the correct tags to later locate them, for me the easiest way to find them is by typing the name of my channel (@forosmx) in the search

For example:

This is my channel:

And this is how I find the gifs to use in my forum:


Hello, I have a little problem when I want to insert a gif in the Discourse chat, when I do the search and choose the gif only a text appears with the measurements, I don’t know if it is the right place to talk about the problem or if I have to do it in another part, if you can guide me please.

I am using Tenor provider.


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You must be running the latest version of the chat plugin.