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Go to the category page you want and then select Hot from the menu. The URL will look similar to this: yourdomain.com/c/CATEGORY/l/hot.


Hello @joebuhlig,

Is it possible to change the frequence of the HotRating job in sidekiq ?

Give this a try:


It adds a setting hot_topics_calc_period that lets you set the period (in minutes). Note that you’ll need to do a rebuild every time this setting is changed before it will take effect.


Thank you @joebuhlig !

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Hello Joe,

Is the “staff like weight” parameter is taken into account in the hot topic plugin ?

This option is in the parameters “other” tab.

Currently, it is not.

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Hello @joebuhlig,

After some tests, i’m pretty sure that replies likes, are taken into account in the formula. I think it’ll be better and more logical, to only takes likes of the first post.

Don’t you think ?

Yes. It does count likes on all posts. It’s beyond me on whether or not that’s a good way to do it. The formula is a copy from other models. @commonpawn and @Oskar, do either of you have a strong leaning here?

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@joebuhlig if you have a bit time and if @commonpawn and @Oskar are ok, i can sponsorize this job, to add an option to take or not in account replies likes.


Just sent you a PM. :wink:

Sometimes things work out really quick. Thanks to @kam44 for making this happen.

You can now choose to use only the likes on the original post in the calculation as opposed to likes across all replies.



The plugin works well, but does it do the “x new posts. Click to refresh” live updating that is done on the core lists? It would be nice if it could (not so much to change the order of the posts, but to notify the users as to which posts have replies…)

I’m getting a 500 (/hot route) error after installing it and I’ve run the HotRating job, I’m missing something?

Regarding this:

Do you think Hot Topics could be made to support Feature Voting as well? Or would it be easier if Feature Voting just comes with its own concept of “Hot” sorting?

I see no reason for a cascade of dependency, feature voting can take care of itself


Ran into an error with this plugin.

I added the plugin to the plugins folder in discourse then started up my rails server with bundle exec rails server and ran into this error. Only this plugin has yielded any errors like this.

1: from …/plugins/discourse-hot-topics/plugin.rb:98:in block in activate!' .../plugins/discourse-hot-topics/plugin.rb:100:in module:Jobs’: uninitialized constant Jobs:: Jobs::Scheduled
Did you mean? Scheduler (NameError)


I’m new to discourse so perhaps I’m making some fatal mistake? or is anyone else having this same issue.

I’m using Ruby 2.6.1 and Rails 6.0.0, latest version of discourse from Github.



class HotRating < Jobs::Scheduled


class HotRating < Scheduled

This worked for me. I believe the issue happens because this class is already wrapped inside module ::Jobs so we don’t have to specify the module again.

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I haven’t installed this plugin yet but want to confirm I’ll be able to fix it if I need to before I try.

Where do you change this? Is there a guide anywhere for how to modify a plugin?

@joebuhlig, are there any plans to fix this #plugin?