Discourse Hub 1.5

Just thought I’d drop a quick note of appreciation for the re-invigorated Discourse Hub 1.5.

I now find myself having to keep track of 5 (and growing) Discourse sites regularly and having to maintain them all in tabs on Safari on mobile is pain.

It would be great if PWA’s supported notifications on iOS, but for now we have Discourse Hub, and it’s super convenient and highly recommended in the meantime.

Thanks so much guys for making this app really rather very useful :slight_smile:


Agreed, I use the iOS app all the time for three different forums, and it’s great!

Shout out to @pmusaraj for the recent work on this, including what sounds like a bunch of under the hood stuff that users may not explicitly notice but just make the app run better/faster in lots of small ways. And a great new nav bar :sunglasses: