Discourse Hub Apps: Changes required when switching to managed hosting?

I want to post a topic encouraging our forum members to start using the iOS and Android Discourse Hub apps.

But we’re moving from self- to Discourse-managed hosting in three months–will that require reconfiguring the app settings? Or do the apps go by the Discourse forum name which isn’t changing? And of course we’ll have all proper redirects in DNS.

Just don’t want to make a push for this now if it will entail everyone having to relink shortly. Thanks, and apologies if this isn’t right category, my first topic here.

ps-some reason I couldn’t add tags: discourse_hub, ios-app, android-app

Discourse Hub should be entirely agnostic.

Of more concern to you should be which plugins you are currently using especially those which you wish to continue to use as not all plugins are supported on managed hosted instances. It also depends on the level of product you have selected.


Great! Thanks, @merefield exactly what I needed to know.

I’ll go forward with push to getting members to use Discourse Hub apps.

There’s a whole team checking plugin compatibility and all other aspects of the cutover as you suggest, oh yes!

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