Issues with DiscourseHub App

One primary difference however is that Tapatalk on Android provided a single app to check all the compatible instances and their notifications. Keeping an eye on 10 Discourse instances is rather hard however.

That’s exactly what the Discourse Hub app does though, and it is available right now on the iOS and Android app stores.


I left it out of my comment because it doesn’t really work, it has potential however.

Can you explain more what “doesn’t work”?


The search doesn’t seem to find any instances I tried looking for, in many different ways. Plus the UI was rather confusing, couldn’t find any settings either.

Ah sure – there’s no search in DiscourseHub – you just add the domain name and complete the login process.

There are no settings in that app particularly, either; all preferences are controlled on each individual Discourse site for your user there.


It looks like a search bar, and the placeholder text is really hard to see, I just now noticed that there’s dark gray text on top of gray that says I have to enter the instance URL without protocol. But even then, instances such as, are not found, but they do exist.

It also says “[entered text] was not found!” so it also sounds like it searches. I’m sure I am not the only one really confused by the UX.

Well, but what about configuring how often updates are checked? What about theme override? There’s potentially a lot of things that could be configured just for the client.