Discourse Hub iOS app - long press on links does nothing

Not sure if this is a bug or just wonky ux, but noticing that long press on any hyperlink in the Discourse Hub app on iOS has no effect. Tapping the link automatically opens in Safari but tap and hold, which usually opens a contextual menu, just does nothing at all.

Expected behavior: some kind of simple contextual menu with “open in browser” or “copy link” (maybe others, idk, those seem most important).

Here’s how the major browsers do it, Safari, Firefox and Chrome respectively:

I’d suggest the simplest, basically what Chrome does (the one w/o preview image) — could just be “open in browser”, “copy link”, and “share”. Perhaps multiple browser options if that’s easy to support.

But definitely should do something rather than nothing! Otherwise no easy way to copy a link without a few extra steps / switching apps.

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I’ve run into this too because I have Safari removed on my iPhone (yeah I’m weird). I’d like tap and hold to at least offer to copy the link as well!


This looks like it’s a regression: Long press image in webview doesn't trigger default card modal in iOS · Issue #1236 · react-native-community/react-native-webview · GitHub

I confirmed this in a simulator running 12.2, long press on a link allows sharing, copying, etc.


Good news: it turns out this was a simple setting in the react-native-webview implementation. I have enabled it and a beta release of the app will be ready shortly.