Discourse install and SMTP issue

Hi All,
Been racking my brain on finding a solution to this.

So basically I have done a fresh install of Discourse on a VPS with Ubuntu 20.04. Everything has gone well, except that I ran into a snag with SMTP. So I use Mailjet for SMTP and it sees as the SMTP as fine. So when I get into the main setup, activating the account does not send the email.

I have gone through the doctor which says it sent fine and went through the SMTP trouble shoot with this link: Troubleshoot email on a new Discourse install - sysadmin - Discourse Meta

I thought this could be the issue:

I rebuilt after making it my main domain instead of the subdomain it defaults to. But the problem persists. Now I am not too technical. Would love some help in this matter


What do you see at the mail jet logs? Did they receive the message? Was it delivered? Did you check spam folder?


Be sure that within mailjet, your domain is authorized for sending email.

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