Impossible to send emails

Hello guys,

I have my domain in namecheap with an email account too.

I’ve tried to install Discourse in a Vultr and later in a DO server. I was not able to get it sending emails, starting with the admin’s first email, nor with privateemail from my email account at Namecheap for the SMTP settings nor with Sendgrid or Mailgun. I don’t understand what’s the problem, I have tried everything and the credentials are right as I have added Namecheap email to my Google account and can send and receive emails thru it without any problems…


The most likely issue is that you need to change the notification address to match whatever you have configured the mail delivery service for.


You need to be more clear about what is failing:

  • does Discourse not attempt to send mail?
  • does Discourse attempt to send but can’t connect to the mail server?
  • does the mail server reject your credentials?
  • does the mail server accept the credentials but not accept the mail?
  • does the mail server accept the mail for delivery but not deliver it?