Discourse installation on Redhat

Is there any document or steps that i have follow to install discourse in redhat?

Avoid it. But if you can’t use Ubuntu and you can get docker working, it should be fine. You can search here for people having trouble with centos and see what their solutions were.


Well i install Discourse on Centos without error with Docker but now in Redhat there is no documentation steps to install.@pfaffman if you do have some resource please share with us. Thank you in advance.

Unless something goes wrong, the steps to install on red hat, centos, and ubuntu are exactly the same.

Yes steps are same but in Redhat docker version should be Docker EE which means that is going to be commercial version .But i am looking non commercial for Redhat

If RedHat doesn’t support Docker, you’re out of luck. If it’s the case that you cannot install Docker on RedHat unless you use Docker EE, then you need to use Docker EE, not use RedHat, or modify the Community version of Docker yourself so that it’ll run on RedHat. It might be easier to choose an OS that supports Docker than to re-write Docker yourself, though.

Discourse requires Docker; if you don’t have Docker, you can’t have Discourse.