Installing Discourse on a cPanel Server

Yes, before you say that it can’t be installed on shared hosts, I have root access.

I run CentOS 6 on my VPS, along with 2gb ram on an OVH VPS.

Is it possible? If yes, how? Thanks :slight_smile:

If You can handle the installation part for docker on centos (tip: google it) then the rest of the gig is as simple as following the 30 minutes install guide.

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I think that Docker on CentOS 6 may be challenging. If you can install Docker and make it work, you’ll be getting closer.

You’ll also need to figure out how to reverse proxy whatever is the front door (Apache?) to Discourse. Something like How to set up Discourse on a server with existing Apache sites

For $5/month, you can avoid a bunch of pain.


Thanks. I’ll get started on the installation tomorrow morning and let you know how it’ll work out.

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