Discourse Installation Timeline

How long should a team estimate for install of discourse, integration with a word press theme, video platform like youtube and customization?

This could take a day with dedicated time towards it?

If you’re on the team and need to ask, then it’s hard to tell. Installing discourse and WordPress you can likely do in an hour or two. Customizing it could take minutes or weeks.

Not on the team but trying to create a time budget for incoming team. Just wanted some indication from the discourse community.

Full disclosure I am not a developer and trying to learn as much as I can to manage a contracted team

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Is there any big difference between AWS vs Digital Ocean vs Linode? What factors are there to consider when choosing a digital server to host discourse? Is this easily changeable in the future?

What would you recommend or what are the considerations?

Budget and features, really.

At its simplest all you need is a virtual machine (Digital Ocean and Linode provide only these, with AWS this would be an EC2 instance). But somewhere like Azure or AWS offer other services which you may want, depending on what you’re building (i.e. both of them provide Postgres as a dedicated service so you don’t need to manage that as part of your Discourse install).

If you’re pulling in a team to work on this it would probably be best to talk directly with them? They’ll understand the requirements best.

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