Discourse is Awesome!

(Robert Dean) #1

Discourse does a great job harnessing EmberJS and Ruby. I’ve installed an instance of it, and I’m wildly impressed front to back. Are there any other known open source projects that are similarly making use of this stack, but not discussion/forum focused? Such as a marketplace(eCommerce), CMS, or any other kind of platform?

(Régis Hanol) #2

I know Balanced open sourced their dashboard.

(Sam Saffron) #3

There are partially similar stacks, Ghost use Ember, GitLab use Rails/unicorn/redis/postgres

(Matt Terry) #4

Huh, Ghost uses Ember, that makes sense

(Martin) #5

Travis CI uses a Sinatra (Ruby) backend and an EmberJS frontend.

(system) #6

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(Kane York) #7

(Marcos P) #8

Iam verry happy with discourse too, the community and founders its amazing! :heart:


I love the layout of it, it’s very easy to use!


I also appreciate the consideration given by the founders and expert community members to a vast number of topics and the many new/noob members. :heart: There is a signficant time commitment in keeping up with the topics and responding quickly. Thank you.

(Happy Lee) #11

Definitely. Same here. The active development, robust features, and pretty extensive discussion of Discourse is inspiring and assuring. I really want to make it work for my organization. Thanks everyone for continually putting in the time to make it what it is.