Learning Ember.js before developing on Discourse


sorry, I don’t really know which is the relevant section for this question. I develop with Ruby on Rails since 4 months and I just launched my app Bartering Apps, I would like to build a QandA forum for my second app, but I have no knowledge of EmberJs, I have done some codecademy AngularJs courses, have some Javascript/Jquery knowledge. Also I would prefer focusing on the back end development with Ruby on Rails. I think it is kind of hard for a developer to do both back and front end development with Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, HTML, CSS … Also because at this point Ruby on Rails would be only used as API.

for this reason I am asking some advice, maybe Ember.js is not that hard to learn and as the Discourse is a very well established app, the time invested in learning Ember will be saved on development?..


This tutorial has a great overview of good Ember guides for new Discourse developers:


Thanks a lot, yes I gave a quick look at the tutorial and this is the reason I am concerned, as in that tutorial it says that there is not much to know about rails, but mostly about Ember.js…

While I am focused on Rails and do also some Frontend development…
I also says that the app is mostly Ember.js

Thanks a lot

My admittedly over-simplified and subject to criticism explanation would be:

Ruby files do the database stuff and render JSON
Ember uses the JSON to create output and handles routing


Thanks a lot for your answer. Yes, I am a little bit sorry of leaving the Ruby on Rails framework. I will keep reading about Ember.js and I will learn about it. Thanks Fabrizio

My advice would be to focus on learning what is required for you want to achieve and ignore the rest for now. If you have a specific goal you’ll both learn quicker and get more satisfaction out of it. So rather than think about in the terms of “I have to learn Ember.js”, think about it in the terms of “I have to learn whatever it takes to build what I want to build”.

For example, you could start by adapting my QnA plugin for your purposes. Would be happy to give you committing privileges and some tips along the way.


Thanks a lot Angus for your help. I though long time about it and for sure I will learn Ember.js and I will do this project (the Q&A forum), but as for the timing, right now I need to complete my Ruby on Rails education so maybe I will do another Ruby on Rails App without forking any other project so that I get some better understanding of rails and then I will come back to this project…

Unlucky I am overwhelmed with staff to learn and I am no Rails expert so for professional reasons I need to keep insisting just on Rails and keeping the front end just some basic HTML/CSS/Bootstrap with some simple Jquery/Javascript effect.

For this reason, I will probably postpone this project and start another one where I can build my App from scratch, without loosing this big opportunity, as contributing to Discourse would assure that I actually succeed even if my App fails.

So I’ll come back in one or two months…

Thanks a lot

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I thought rails handles a route, too. Does what that route do have something to do with the route you mentioned here by Ember?

I could be totally off base, but I think it’s Ruby for filesystem paths (resources), and Ember for HTTP paths. What I meant by routing is HTTP paths.


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