Discourse Let’s Encrypt Failing

Hey guys,
My discourse install is failing, when I ran the launcher logs app command it generated this log which I quickly screenshotted

Domain: https://community.bloxworld.xyz
I use the CPanel I’ve also disabled the default AutoSSL

Hello @dylanosborne0611
Here is a list of issued certificates for that domain name crt.sh | community.bloxworld.xyz, the latest being 2022-10-15 by C=US, ST=TX, L=Houston, O=“cPanel, Inc.”, CN=“cPanel, Inc. Certification Authority”.

Using https://letsdebug.net/ I see issues with Challenges of

  1. HTTP-01 Let's Debug
  2. DNS-01 Let's Debug
  3. TLS-ALPN-01 Let's Debug

I believe you have a DNS issue as indicated by the following results:

  1. Hardenize Report: community.bloxworld.xyz
  2. community.bloxworld.xyz | DNSViz
  3. DNSSEC Analyzer - community.bloxworld.xyz
  4. Zonemaster

Here is a link that has some discussion about DNS with Discourse