Discourse loading slowly via reverse proxy

Im running discourse on Ubuntu 18.04 on a docker container. To access this i am using an apache reverse proxy with a varnish cache infront of it. The site loads and works fine but doesnt have the speed that all other sites do that are using the varnish cache. All other sites take 1-3 seconds whereas discourse takes 5-8. Does anyone know why? I have mailcow running on a docker container with the same configuration, apache reverse proxy, etc which loads quite fast so im thinking its discourse not working with varnish.


The standard way to isolate the problem is checking if it’s slow after removing the custom proxy setup you have. If it is not, them the problem is in your proxy.

In our official install guide, and in our paid hosting service, we do not proxy using either Apache nor Varnish, so we don’t recommend it.