Discourse Membership Synced with Member Status in other system (WHMCS)

We run a very large makerspace and the membership is managed in WHMCS (yes a weird tool for managing memberships since it is a web hosting/billing system). My question is, is Discourse Connect an appropriate pathway to develop a means to keep these system synced?

It is it you can develop a means for WHMCS to support it (is the source available? Is there means to create plugins or otherwise add to the code?). If you can’t change that system, there might be some authentication protocol that it does support and then you could write a Discourse plugin to authenticate against it.

Ha Jay,

Your answer from last year is also still valid:


Gosh. I gave a much better answer then! Too bad I don’t know how to use search to find my own answers! (I was found to say “I’ve never heard of that system” :person_shrugging:)