Discourse mobile setup guide. =/ help

Greetings, community!
Where i can chech guide, for setup Discourse Mobile
What server should I have?
And can my site on this software be synced with a mobile application?
That installation information is not enough for me = (

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Its already mobile friendly, perhaps a few personal tweaks but just set it up and go :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for answer!
What perhams? may i know? :slight_smile: thank

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You may not need to tweak anything, just give it a go, you’ll like it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, guys!
So, where i must install DiscourseMobile? can anyone give some info? guides etc…

There is no mobile app, it’s just the website repackaged in “app” form with some grouping ability for multiple sites.

You can’t get device notifications on iOS unless you are on our hosting, or have signed up for your own Apple developer account etc.

Hm. Okay. But i can add this “website repackaged in app” at playmarket or something else?
Or better add :PWA at home screen?
Thank for answer!

Yes, the app is available in both app stores. Simply search for the word “Discourse”

Yes, sir, i see this!
But how i can make this for my site? if i heave own site (on discourse), can i run this as one project?

You would need to fork the open source code and ship your own app with your name on it. Like “Joe’s Awesome Forum App” or something. You would need to sign up for Apple and Google developer accounts and all that.

Out of the box, the Discourse Hub app works with all up to date Discourse sites that are on https, though.

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Yes!) But where i must install this ? https://github.com/discourse/discoursemobile
I don’t understand =/ i must create new directory or new server or…

and what’s mean fork? “buy” ? or some $ gives?

If you don’t understand, then probably you shouldn’t worry about it? Just install the app from the Play or iOS store and carry on.

You probably laugh, but I can’t understand what I need to install and download?
I have a website using this software.
I want an accessible version in playmarket and ios. I need to install this copy DiscourseMobile? of i have main site on discourse?

I just download hub. add site. and now i must (use) your app for site watching? :smiley:

Yes and also you can add further more your favorite Discourse based websites in the app :+1:

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