Discourse on Azure Container Service?

Has anyone tried installing Discourse on Azure’s Docker on App Service? From what I have read, Azure is utilizing a specialized Linux distro to support the containers (see 4th heading on Why Docker for Azure? | Docker Documentation ).

I have little Linux experience, and no Docker experience, but I find Azure’s potential to host Docker containers without the need to support the OS to be very attractive!


It’ll be doable, but you’ll still need somewhere to build the container you run on Azure. Running Discourse on a container-hosting system is definitely an advanced level topic.

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I certainly do expect that I will need some “professional” assistance with this!

I will say - the thing that makes Azure container hosting most attractive is that they abstract the VM, so that we don’t need to manage it.

See: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/app-service-web/app-service-linux-using-custom-docker-image

In the end, I would like to take our Digital Ocean docker image over to Azure.

I am curious if …

  1. Anyone has done this yet.
  2. Would it still be a “supported” configuration
  3. If anyone in the community would be willing to help us with the transition (compensated :slight_smile: )

No, that’s not supported.

This setup is possible, and for someone with a lot of experience with Docker even easy.

However, you won’t be able to use any of the easy updates methods, and will be stuck in the current version. To update you need to bootstrap a whole new image, the same process you will need to do the install.


well, that is enough to make it no-so-attractive.
Too bad, but thanks for the info. (deliberately not shooting the messenger!)

Not knowing much about the Docker environment, what is that would prevent the normal update process from working?

Our upgrade process work on the host OS level (the ./launcher rebuild app) and when we have to update something like Ruby, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Redis, ImageMagick or any of the many dependencies we give you a brand new image.

Also upgrading PostgreSQL would be more complicated in this, unless you use the container for web only, and point PostgreSQL and Redis to the compatible Azure managed services.

But I wouldn’t recommend this for someone who just want a small community up. For that our guide to setup on a $10 Digital Ocean or $5 Vultr server is very good and low maintenance. If your site is bigger than that, you should be able to afford Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) or our own hosting. You can even use the Patreon plugin to help fund a big community hosting fees.


Thanks for the explanation!

We are using Digital Ocean, and are really very happy with their hosting - the cpst and performance have been great for our low-activity forum.

The only reason we are considering moving on is because we are a MS dev shop, and we leverage their PaaS application hosting, and we would prefer to consolidate onto a single provider.

Based on what you have shared, we will likely stay with Digital Ocean for Discourse.

Thanks again!

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That said, you can move to one Azure Virtual Machine. I believe the General Purpose A1 instance type should run with a perf very similar to DO.


Hi @Falco and All,
I need some help to configure discourse in AzureCI-CD. Below is the step what I have done so for.

  1. Cloned the discourse docker image into my Azure VM.
  2. Have added plugin for my customized themes.
    3)Configured the SSO, SSL, OpenID, etc…
    4)Finally rebuild app.yml and my customized discourse is working fine in my VM.
    Now I want to put the customized discourse in AKS(Azure kubernetes-service). For that I have to create Dockerfile so I am not sure about how to create new docker image with customized discourse docker image. And can we deploying the discourse in Azure container service.

Could you please help me to configure discourse in AKS.

We don’t support the use of Azure or Kubernetes here, if you want to deviate from the standard install guide the assumption is that you have the requisite technical knowledge and experience to do so.

If you don’t then I would recommend posting on #marketplace with your budget to find someone who is willing to pick this up as a piece of paid work.