Running Discourse on Azure Web Sites vs. Azure VM?

I’m already running (and paying for) a site using Azure Web Sites and want to know if anyone has been able to set up Discourse on Web Sites (the fully managed platform) as opposed to an Azure VM. I’d rather not pay for an extra VM when I have the ability to spin up another web site on the managed side of things for no cost. Thanks.

Ruby is not supported by this service. Since even java is not supported, it will be nearly impossible to get discourse running… unless you re-wrote it in a language they support.


Now that Java in Web Apps (formerly Websites) is available, is running Discourse on the managed platform now a possibility?

Unlikely, we do not work under JRuby at the moment + there is a mountain of dependencies

Why not use Docker?

I know that azure (and by extension Microsoft) is moving into the docker space, where containers can be setup on a scaling interface.

It won’t be easy to deploy directly to using the building script, but could be an interesting deployment method overall.

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The “Azure Container Service” is now official:


Is there an official guide on how to install Discourse with the Azure Container Service? Or is How to setup Discourse on Azure the preferred way?

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Setting up a Linux vm in azure is still the preferred method as it is the most similar to a digital ocean vm install.


Done setting it up with using a Linux VM (Ubuntu latest). Works like a charm. Thanks.

May you advise re using Azure Blob Storage Plugin vs preferring other ways to store uploaded media? Is the Azure Blob Storage the right solution for today?

Hmm, looks like it hasn’t been tested:

You can try out Azure Blob Storage’s S3-like interface (non-plugin) using the templates in the above topic and see if it works.