Discourse on local pc

Hi to all, how can I install Discourse on my local ubuntu pc for test purposes many thanks.


You can also go this way with a Docker based install (that’s surprisingly performant on WSL for example)


I have started to installing i got to this command ‘bundle exec rake autospec’
taking long time ready 20 mins since this command given is that normal ?

Ok after 29 mins i got this screen and not doing anything else , what shall i do next thanks.

This is not mandatory, it’s just running the unit test bundled with Discourse.

Looks like a few tests failed in your case, I would not be too concerned.

Move on and run the server.

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Very strange when i started the local server this what said Screenshot from 2021-08-26 15-14-04

then i have give that command then i get this error

Not strange at all, this is a super modern feature. You need to run back-end server and ember front end server simultaneously in this mode.

Alternatively you can run without Ember-CLI like so:


Looks like you need to update node to a more modern version.


Thanks All up and running now :clap:

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