Discourse on Surface Duo

Got some screenshots of Discourse running in the Microsoft Surface Duo new Android device.

Discourse topic in Mobile view:

Discourse topic view in Desktop view:

Latest in Mobile View

Latest in Desktop View

Mobile Composer

Desktop Composer

Categories View with Featured

Categories with Latest (like a glove)

There are some browser feature proposals cooking in order to help web apps layout accordingly:

A map application that presents a map on one window segment and search results on another

Foldable with the left segment of the window containing a map and the right segment containing list of search results

CSS solution outline:

@media (spanning: single-fold-vertical) {	
	body {
		flex-direction: row;

	.map {
		flex: 1 1 env(fold-left)
	.locations-list {
		flex: 1;

Oh my ew.

Welcome to the wonderful world of innovation! I feel bad for the early adopters out there who are going to have subpar experiences for a number of years (not necessarily with Discourse, but every other site that doesn’t update to account for the changes).


I for one am reluctantly anticipating a new CSS media query for foldable devices:


But I’m wondering what a foldable version of Discourse would look like…


Spanning the window over both screen is optional :sweat_smile:.

For apps who don’t know how to use multiple screens you can just use the screens in separate.


They have some nomenclature and standards documented already.

Discourse is a very good candidate for the “Master - Detail” pattern.



I’d love to see Discourse working on these particular devices! :grin:

It must’ve been a crazy coincidence that Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Flip on the exact same day this topic was created. :thinking:


There are some working demos of web apps adapted to foldables here: A set of demos to showcase support of foldable devices on the web. | demos


I guess we will be able to test Discourse on the actual hardware in nine days, and for only $1,399! :laughing:

Regardless, there’s another foldable device that needs testing.

In regards to Discourse, this API might be worth checking out.