Discourse One-Click Self-Hosting: Quicker and Easier than Official Install

I work at Render, a modern cloud provider. We just released a really quick and straightforward way to self-host Discourse:

Advantages over the current official install guide:

  • Install Discourse in under 5 minutes
  • Fully managed and free SSL + custom domain management
  • No SSH needed
  • Fully configurable self-hosted option
  • Built to scale!

If you end up trying it out, we’d love to hear about your experience and how we can make things even easier/faster. :pray:


Awesome! Thanks for contributing to the ecosystem!

A point of awareness – since Discourse doesn’t own that install pipeline, support for this mode of installing Discourse will need to come your way, as we’re only able to support sites following the official install guide on Meta at this time.


That’s a pretty cool offering. What is the pricing for the single click install @anurag ? From what I can see it’s ($20 + $7 + $1 + $0.5 + $25), so $53.5 per month?


@justin Render will continue to provide full support for this install method. Users can email support@render.com or post in our Discourse community at https://community.render.com.

@Falco the price can technically be lower if you select smaller plans for the individual components, but we’ve found that the suggested setup is the lowest price for a production-ready, hassle-free Discourse experience.