Discourse PWA notifications


I wonder what’s the current status with PWA push notifications.

I searched and got mixed answers.

Is the push notification function working on Andriod and IOS right now?

And if they are not working, what’s the future plan?

It’s very important as we are considering building a PWA and submit to app stores.


iOS 15 doesn’t seem to bring us web notifications, sadly. PWA’s are no different to web pages in that regard. I don’t believe Apple publish plans? You’d need to take it up with them.

For iOS at least, recommend you use the Discourse Hub app which is excellent and serves as a useful summary aggregation layer for all your Discourse communities as well as facilitating notifications on iOS.

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How about Andriod?

Do users get notifications on Andriod PWA?

I have a PWA discourse app on Andriod’s phone. It never sent any notifications. The search results give mixed answers, nothing is clear.

If you have the PWA on your phone, you need to go into your profile and enable notifications at Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse “Live Notifications” button while on the phone.