Not receiving Discourse Hub notifications for self-hosted Discourse instance on Android 10


I am no longer receiving any notifications through Discourse Hub v 1.6.0 on my Android 10 smartphone. Notifications have worked in the past (although I can’t recall if they only came from Meta, or from the self-hosted instance that I’m running).

The connection between the mobile app and my forum otherwise seems to work, as unread and recent messages counters are updated—although this only happens when I launch the app or when I bring it to the foreground using the task manager. The “Last updated” indicator seems to tell me that no updates are actually performed while it’s in the background.

In my Device Care Android settings, Adaptive battery is disabeld and Discourse Hub is in the list of Apps that won’t be put to sleep.

Please advise :pray:


On your Android device, does the PWA version of your site work and send notifications well?

I’m not sure how to try this correctly. I’ve searched around Meta for a guide but couldn’t find anything that seems definitive, could you point me to how that’s done so I can run that test for you?

As it turns out, I’m actually receiving proper Android notifications from Discourse Hub, but only those related to Meta. This makes it very similar to what seemed to be an iOS-only issue described here: Notifications on mobile for Discourse Hub app - #2 by jomaxro

You’re using an Android device, so that doesn’t relate to you. Your scenarios seem very peculiar, if Meta is working and giving you notifications, then there may be something wrong with how the other Discourse community is set up. I’d suggest updating to latest.

As for how to install a PWA, that isn’t a Discourse specific feature, PWAs are a general internet feature, a quick Google search and perusing would be helpful here. You can also search for PWA here on Meta and reading through some of the topics, you’d see some that may be helpful as it isn’t a Discourse-specific feature do not expect much to be described here.

Okay, but will trying out the PWA actually be a step in troubleshooting Discourse Hub notifications? Because I can already tell that it will not provide me with a substitute feature that’s simple enough to set up for my user base.

So the DiscourseHub app is basically a wrapper app (with extra features) where the mobile versions of sites are loaded. So if you can get notifications via Chrome on Android or via the PWA, then it should work via the DiscourseHub app. So yes, using the PWA would help you troubleshoot the scenario you described.


I’ve tried the PWA.Within it, I am correctly logged on to my Discourse instance, but it is not generating any Android notifications :confused:

@osioke, what would the next troubleshooting step be? :pray:

Same as I said above :wink:

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Oh. But I’m already running latest.

See Android live notifications are now in core! - feature / announcements - Discourse Meta, check that the settings and steps in that topic are all done for your site. If they are, then it should work. Try that and lets see.

push notifications prompt is enabled. Browser push notifications have always worked on my instance.

This is still the case, push notifications in DiscourseHub are limited to Discourse instances we host.


I see. Thanks for the info.

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