Discourse Running With Nginx Issue

So I’ve messed with both Nginx and Discourse a little bit recently, and I was having trouble yesterday. I wiped the machine due to me making mistakes and following X amount of guides.
Today I booted up the machine with Ubuntu 20.04, I got Discourse installed first, and ironed out any little thing I needed to do.

I then setup and installed the encryption and docker for this since it’ll be running behind Nginx on the same machine. However after all the time I’ve put into it and all the different guides and forums/threads. (Including the official one from here) There is still no avail.

I was getting glimpses of Discourse yesterday, however I thought I’d give it a fresh start today, on a different operating system, being Ubuntu since I run that from home too. (I was using Debian before)

Either way I have my Nginx default site back up and running, I can’t seem to find what I’ve done to my discourse however. I had an error being : “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS”.
I am using cloudflare as my safe gate for this domain and I saw I needed to uncheck the orange cloud. I have done this however I’ve only unchecked it for the subdomain.

I don’t have that error anymore since I was trying to fix it, but now the page just isn’t loading, I’m unsure what I changed and I’m completely at a loss to how I can get this to work. I’m not at all the best when it comes into this but I have been learning little by little and enjoying it.

Any support would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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Unless you are deeply familiar with reverse proxies shenanigans, I recommend you to to not stray away from the beaten path and follow only the official install guide.

There are some community guides about allowing multiple different software in the same host, sharing a single reverse proxy at the OS level, but that is prone to breakage and not worth your time unless you are on a really tight budget or working on stuff like that for a living.


I enjoy tinkering with this kind of stuff, that’s what got me into this to begin with honestly. And now that I’ve come across something that I can’t solve, just makes me want to figure out to actually see how this thing can work really. Overall if not then I would just go back to not having Discourse on the machine.