Discourse server FQDN & email settings help?


Hello World,

I’ve got a Discourse server running at home for testing purposes (it looks awesome, btw) but I’m confused about how to configure the FQDN and email settings. I had to gain access to an administrative account through the command line, so that’s done, but I still need to get email working.

Here’s the situation:

Discourse server is on my home LAN.
The hostname = myhomeserver

I have a email account configured with my webhost for the server to access in order to send out confirmation emails. This email account is tested and working, so I know the problem is not with the account or my webhosting company. Let’s call this account "admin@mywebhost.com"

I have a FQDN via Dynamic DNS that I can use to make the Discourse server reachable from the WAN. Let’s call it “myFQDN.com

How do I configure Discourse to use an email account at “mywebhost.com”, but be reachable at “myFQDN.com”?

Would these be the correct settings?
hostname = myhomeserver
FQDN = myFQDN.com
email address = admin@mywebhost.com

It seems like the FQDN and email address would cause problems because they’re not on the same domain.
I apologize if this is super easy, but I’m not getting it. Thanks.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Check the /logs page in your web browser, or the logs inside the docker container. See the exhaustive email troubleshooting topic we already have around this in the #howto category.