Discourse Sketch template

Anyone perhaps knows if there is a default Discourse UI design template for Sketch? A lot of people are customising their Discourse instances, so perhaps having a starter Sketch template would make it easier for a designer to jump in and try out some changes. Just wondering if the Discourse team or someone else maybe has such a file on hand or should I make one myself :slight_smile:


That’s a quite innovative idea.

Hey, just to let anyone who’s interested know – I made this default theme template in Sketch after all since I need it for my own design customisation. Feel free to reuse it – I uploaded the files to GitHub:

So far it’s only the topic list screen on desktop and mobile views, but I think that this gives you a good starter for experimenting with your own theme. Later on it would be nice to also have a topic view too.

I also created a screencast while I was making this template (narration in Croatian) in case anyone finds that helpful: